Once the pandemic is over enough to travel again, we will visit comic book conventions, Renaissance fairs, art fairs, film festivals, PROMAX/BDA, technology fairs, and other relevant events where we will produce speaking and pop-up events and develop the community in real life.

In the next phase of community development, we will crowdsource story elements and players in the story development and production processes. For example, one of the storylines we are working on is about a contest on Mars to find platinum mines. Whichever organization wins the contest gets to accomplish their giveback goal. One of the organizations wants to create shelter for everyone in the world starting with the United States and India. Another of the organizations wants to end human trafficking. We can include other types of organizations and we will crowdsource the other organization’s goals and what methods might accomplish the different goals. We could even name specific NGOs if it makes sense for the NGO, the story, and the audience.

The production company and the community work together as an ecosystem.

One goal we have that ties together the stories and the community is to create multiple world-changing projects and experiences. For example, I’ve outlined a series of experiences that would take place around the release of a series of movies that Participant media was producing around 2017. It culminated in a trip to Palestine where a non-violent communication expert led a conversation between Israelis and Palestinians to help resolve some emotional conflict between the two groups.

Some additional examples of projects that will be part of our ecosystem:

At the end of a story arc with the theme of connection, we will produce an interactive art show about connection in LA, New York, and Chicago. (Find the example of the NYC show.)

We will have a store that is both virtual and a pop-up store that travels to fun events like comic conventions, Renaissance fairs, art fairs, World Expos, etc… We will create the virtual store inside an app/game like Avakin life. In both real life and virtually, we will draw people into the store because it will look like they are entering another place entirely. Maybe it looks like a steampunk library or a fairy forest room, but it will be cozy and attractive with a place to sit even if the room is only 10 x 10 ft. We will fill the space with media collections and quick fun puzzles that lead you further down collection rabbit-holes. There will be collections around doing things like “Cook” or “Change your world” and around cultures to explore such as “India” or “Christianity and Islam”. People will see comic books, TV shows, movies, games, music, art, and more in their collection and buy the parts they want at home with them.

My Matrix database allows anyone to post their favorite stuff and collections of media. Then can then retrieve their collections based on tags in the database such as Top Movies About Texas.

Who is starting this incredible organization?

Ami Mariscal with the support of her husband Diego, her virtual assistant in the Philippines, Jennifer Ancheta, and valued members of her community.

About Ami

Ami’s purpose is helping people live fun and fulfilling lives. With multi-media production abilities and an MBA, Ami has helped business owners double their profit, politicians and non-profit leaders expand their impact, and entertainment entrepreneurs improve their well-being, brand, and income. With a passion for comedy and entertainment, Ami has worked in casting, the camera department, and production on A-list films, TV shows, music videos, games, and commercials. Her focus now is developing original cross-platform stories and a community of talent and fans. With Lift Your World, Ami is creating a community of creators, brands, and everyday heroes inspiring happiness, connection, social impact, exploration, and excellence with experiences and content.