Lift Your World is a production company that produces comic books, TV shows, audio stories, and movies. Second and just as important, Lift Your World is a community. We combine these two vital pieces to lift up our world and the people in it.

Lift Your World produces high-quality, socially conscious transmedia stories and shows that help people live more fulfilling lives (even if it’s in the tiniest way). We do this in several progressive ways:

  • We accomplish the highest quality work by setting quality expectations that fit within our working budgets and consistently meet those preset expectations. That includes every part of the story development and production process, but it starts with the story itself.
  • We make stories that expand in a variety of media (transmedia), but do not require the audience to consume the other stories to enjoy each story on its own. Marvel, Lucas Films, Disney, and The Wachowskis (The Matrix) inspire us by creating transmedia stories.
  • We include the audience as early as possible and crowdsource some details in each story. We include non-profits, influencers, and brands in the production process so we can lift up as many people as possible with the tidal waves that our stories create.
  • We work iteratively like Pixar and make stories that matter like Participant Media.
  • We work with the best talent and empower them to keep the rights to the property that they create like Image Comics.
  • We develop audiences early on using AI technology to make sure we meet quality expectations for the specific audience we are developing each story for. This also helps ease risk from the beginning of inception.
  • Some other people/organizations we look up to include Michael Schur, HBO, This American Life, and Gimlet.

Second and just as important, Lift Your World is a community.
Currently, we are developing the arms of the community:

  • On Facebook we post about comic books, podcasts, TV shows, movies, and books. We also post fun images of animals with engaging backgrounds.
  • On Instagram we post affirmations, quotes, photos of our mentors, images by artists we love, and engaging images.
  • On Tumblr we post notes about managing artistic careers, writing stories, beauty products and hacks, and vivid hair colors.
  • On Threadless we have clothing and shoe designs based on nature to inspire sustainability.

    On we have a blog where we post about things we love such as stories, technology, products, mentors, beauty, happiness, and life hacks.
  • The Twitter community is a bit of everything.